After speaking to user researchers and experiencing the how time consuming and difficult getting insights from user research can be, personally at both vidIQ and Buffer, I saw an opportunity to use Ai to make the process easier.

Making insights accessible to the whole team

The main problem we heard (and experienced first hand) was that valuable research insights were often buried and the team found it really difficult to find them.

So the first thing we did, was to set out to make these insights really easy for anyone on the team to find.

We did this by creating space for them to ask a question. Our AI would then search through all of the sources they had selected and give them an answer they could take action on.

Synthesising interviews and sharing findings

We’d hear that going through user interviews to gain insights, was a painful and time consuming process for user researchers, and they were looking for an easier way to synthesise and share their findings with the wider team.

We knew AI could help here, so we created a flow where the user can give us context on what they were trying to learn and then upload their transcripts and we’d give them a fully editable document with the insights that the whole team can access.