A better way to plan your day

Method is a simple day planner that helps you organise your day around your goals and the time you have available.

Organising your workload

We wanted to make it easy for users to pull out priority tasks and leave the rest for later, out of the way. So we created a 2 tier task list where you have your priority items at the top and your things for later hidden away until you need them.

Giving you context on how much space you have

Knowing how much time you have available and what’s coming up is critical in being able to plan your day effectively. So we included a simple calendar in Method that allows the user to connect as many calendars as they like.

Planning your day

Planning your time is where it all comes together, we wanted to make it really easy for users to organise their time and commit to deep work.

All you need to is simply drag a task over and pull it down for as long as you need, then Method will block that time out in your calendar for you.